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"Eyes are the windows to the soul."

"Never hesitate to open new windows in your life."

"Stop looking at the walls. Look out the window."

The word "window" comes from two Old Norse words- vindre, meaning "wind," and auge, meaning "eye." The Germans believe that windows are the "eyes of the house."

The first windows date back thousands of years. In China, Korea, and Japan,, paper was used as windows. Around 100AD, the Romans first began using glass. The first windows were shiny glass pebbles in a wooden frame. Eventually glass blowers would create a cylinder, cut off the end, open it, and lay it flat. Glassmaking continued to evolve. Windows created before the 1950s are considered antique glass. It wasn't until then that Sir Alastair Pikington invented the Float Glass Production method. It is still used predominantly today.

Saint Augustine has them all, from simple to unique stained glass windows. The first houses in Saint Augustine had no glass. The windows that were at street level had wood spindles. These kept animals and invaders at bay. Larger windows were placed on the east-facing walls for morning light. Smaller windows were put on the south and west to shade from the sun. There were usually no windows on the north side. This was done to protect from winter winds. Windows were aligned to allow for air circulation. Shutters were on the inside for easy closure and protection.

When the British took over Saint Augustine in 1763, the shutters were replaced with glass. Still, glass is for the upper class. It wasn't until the end of the 1700s that glass windows became common use.

So here are some common and ornate windows in Saint Augustine. What have you found?

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