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Welcome back to- What can we find in Saint Augustine? How about doors?

Doors are considered barriers or entrances to a building- an entry OR an exit. It can enhance privacy, let light pass in or out and dampen noise- creating a peaceful inner sanctum.

The earliest doors appear in paintings in Egyptian tombs. Until the hinge was invented, pivoting doors weren't possible. Stone blocks, fabrics, or animal hides covered the openings to buildings. Doors have been made of wood, metal, precious gems and gold. They have been simple or ornate. They have been tiny or ginormous.

Side note: Did you know in Southern Florida it is in the building code for doors to open out instead of in?

Doors also have many color options. In Feng Shui door colors and positions (east, west, north or south) are considered to have many different energies. Red doors, for example are considered good luck and offer protection. For north facing doors, black instills positive energy and a connection to nature. Blue brings serenity and tranquility. Green will promote growth, expansion and kindness. If your door is West facing, gray is connected with determination, self- reliance and travel. White doors represent precision, communication and happiness. Brown doors are a return to nature and are used to balance, stabilize and nurture inhibition.

Doors are designed for functionality or decor. Simply put doors set the tone of the home. Whatever color or design, the doors of Saint Augustine definitely set the tone.

Can you find these doors? Did you find another door that should be in this list? Share it with us!!

Next on the list- windows? Do you have any to share? Send them to me.

Also, What would you like me to feature here?

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