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Architecture is an important medium that an artist can use to create. Saint Augustine has many styles of architecture from the various periods in its history. Walking or riding around Saint Augustine you can't help but find beautiful examples tucked all over the city. Today we start with gates.

Is a gate meant to keep someone out or let someone in? It it an entrance to a new world, as many ancient civilizations believed, or as a defense against invaders? The most prominent gate in Saint Augustine are the Old City Gates. Built in 1808, it was a line of defense for the city. So they were meant to keep people out! But now they stand as a welcome to our visitor. Check out the link below to find out more about the City Gates.

So now, here is your challenge. Can you find the following gates in Saint Augustine?

I have included just 6. There are so many more. Are there other gates in the city that you find interesting? Snap a picture and add it to this blog or to our Facebook page. Enjoy exploring the city!

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